Diana Pancioli - Still Life

Humans have been making pots for over 20,000 years; I have been making pots for only forty. I make useful forms: to drink from and eat from, to make tea in, to display flowers. Although they are simple utilitarian forms—cup, plate, teapot, vase—their variations are limitless. Creating within the boundaries of these formal themes is the endless delight of making pots.

Making and firing clay objects requires various kinds of knowledge: of materials and processes, of clay and glazes, of kilns and firing, as well as the hard won skill of creating clay forms. I love the multiplicity of learning necessary to the craft—the technical, physical, intellectual, aesthetic, and historical challenges.

I am awed by the beauty and variety of the objects that comprise the long ceramic continuum. I am curious about the connections between the kinds of pots that people in history made and the everyday lives they led. That interest influences the ceramic history course book that I am writing, and the work that I make.

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